Sarah Neighbors association with Half Moon Trail began with a family reunion.   During her vacation, many of her free moments were spent behind a camera shooting nature and people.  At the time, she was in the process of launching her portrait photography business back in Iowa City, Iowa.  Now, with a successfully established business, she and her family return for a week each summer.  Sarah is a gifted artist with an exceptional eye for composition and detail.  We feel fortunate that she enjoys adding diversity to her portfolio here at the resort.  We have included a short artist’s statement taken from her web site.

Hello!  I am a portrait, wedding, and commercial photographer working in Eastern Iowa.  Although portrait work and commercial work can be very different kinds of endeavors, my work is unified by my effort to communicate through imagery and by my insistence that my clients do more with their images.  Telling the story of your wedding day in images or helping your client understand your business’s mission though images are just two ways to use the language of the camera.  And once the images are created, I do everything I can to educate my clients about what they can do with their images.  It’s not just about 8x10s and brochures anymore.   There are an amazing variety of print design products and digital products available.

Sarah Neighbors Photography
Iowa City, Iowa