Northern Lights

Michaela captured some great photos of the northern lights over the beach this past week. We don’t see them like this too often, but when we do it’s a real treat!

We have been busy with the fall routine this past week and a half, even though it hasn’t really felt like fall. It has been unusually warm for this time of year, so we are taking full advantage of the nice weather to get things ready for winter. It’s much easier working with the pressure washer when it’s 75 degrees, versus just above freezing outside.  The boats are out of the water and cleaned, most of the cabins are shut down for the winter, and the Adirondack chairs are all pressure washed and ready for another coat of finish.

Although fall is a little slower paced, there is still some adrenaline pumping to get everything prepped for winter and get a head start on maintenance items for next spring. None-the-less, it’s a beautiful time of year at the resort so we will definitly be taking some time to “smell the roses”;).



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