J.Morgan Legried

J.Morgan has created many of our resort videos.  He grew up spending a week every summer at Half Moon Trail.  His family enjoyed Boot Lake so much they eventually purchased a lake lot; although they haven’t given up their week at Half Moon Trail yet.  A love of cameras grew from a hobby into a video business while still in high school.  Now in college, he has a long range goal of turning this passion into a career in film.  J.Morgan is a very talented young man and we look forward to more opportunities with this exciting venue.  Here, in his own words, he describes his journey.

Growing up in Bismarck, North Dakota, J.Morgan Legreid has always been interested in cameras. He got a cheap digital camera at a young age, but spent much of his time borrowing his parents’ old camcorder and filming whatever interested him. He just enjoyed being behind the camera. As he grew older, he bought a camcorder and started making short videos with his friends and uploading them to YouTube. In high school he realized that the camera was more than just a hobby. A couple friends of his had similar affections towards the camera, and they purchased better equipment and started making more legitimate videos for YouTube and for their high school. J.Morgan still works closely with those high school friends, but has gone on to take various opportunities in filmmaking, cinematography, and live broadcasting in Bismarck and around the country.”  J.Morgan does some freelancing on the side as well. He has formed a loose partnership with a mentor that has had artistic influence on his photography and cinematography. He really enjoys spending time in the northwoods of Minnesota with his camera, capturing the beauty of God’s creation.  His drive comes from his faith in Jesus Christ. His passion for a future in film lies in utilizing social media as a mission field. He feels called to make powerful short films and music videos with a symbolic message to reach the nations for the Lord, and is looking forward to where this will take him.

J.Morgan Legreid
Bismark, ND

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