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Ice Out

Yesterday our ice went out.  A strong easterly wind of 20 to 30 MPH pounded the ice into our shore, grinding the pack into tiny cubes that melted quickly.   The lake ice gave up the ghost without much effort this … Continue reading

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Receding Lake Ice

This shoreline with a southwest exposure is always the first to melt.  Interesting contrast here with the cold, icy blue of the lake set against a landscape ”warmed” by the setting sun.

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Late Spring Snow

We are looking for a silver lining in our late spring snow yesterday.   That bright spot might come in the form of nitrogen.  We have heard that a late spring snow-fall was referred to a poor man’s fertilizer.  A quick … Continue reading

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Ready for Summer

It looks like Mabel is ready for summer.  Our recent warm weather inspired this classic shot.  Other recent quotable quotes from our guests:  a recent text from one of our kid’s resort friends, “we are coming to HMT in 52 … Continue reading

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First Spring Project

We have started our first project for this spring: replacing the lodge deck railings.  Here is our number one carpenter, Steve Berthiume, putting up spindles in our newly designed railing.

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Winter Swans

Park Rapids is home to a winter flock of trumpeter swans.  These birds are huge, standing 4 foot tall with wing spans of 8 feet.  The river flowing out of Fish Hook Lake is usually ice free, and these birds … Continue reading

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