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Michaela caught this guy scampering among the rocks by the campfire.  He undoubtedly was snacking on some spilled kettle corn from our first campfire of the season!

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Spring Planting

The gardens have been planted.  The following photos include the new garden shed, as well as a couple shots of Mary and Teri planting some pots.

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Spring Green

The resort is starting to “green up”.  The garden is worked up and ready for planting, Adirondack chairs refinished, and the hydrobikes serviced.  But the carpetball tables are still stacked and knuckleball is still wrapped in its winter garb.  We … Continue reading

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First Leaves

We noticed our first leaves on Thursday.  By today (Saturday), the shoreline is flush with a wash of light green.  Nature has a way of balancing everything out and already we aren’t too far behind normal; a relief for our … Continue reading

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Halfway to Ice-free

After blowing hard all day on Saturday, our lake is half open.  The ice being pushed around was still solid and the photo below shows where the ice pack hit our shore.  If you look carefully you can see the … Continue reading

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Ice-out Begins

My ice-out prediction was off a bit.  With the wind being forecast tomorrow I am sure we will be ice-free by tomorrow night.  Today a gentle breeze pushed the ice away from our shore, but tonight the wind direction switched.  … Continue reading

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Hurry Up Spring!

  We are doing what we can to help advance our spring.  Here we are thawing out the shutoff valve to cabin 6.  Another photo shows a snow bank we have pushed over and spread out so it melts faster.  … Continue reading

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